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BGS, an international provider of ground handling, aircraft fueling, logistics services and a part of the Avia Solutions Group, a leading global aerospace services group, believes that to become a truly sustainable business, the company needs to introduce changes and sustainable practices each step of the way, including logistics.

According to Monika Kliokiene, Head of Compliance at BGS Group, sustainability is one of the key topics and goals at BGS. “We believe that no company in this day and age can successfully operate without paying attention to sustainable practices. Introducing smart and eco-friendly changes to one’s logistical operations not only has a positive impact on the environment but also on the business itself as it saves time and costs in the long run.”

Over the years, BGS has made many consistent improvements to their logistics to ensure sustainable operations. “To achieve the lowest possible emissions, we have upgraded our logistics fleet to comply with the EURO VI standard. In addition, following the successful experience of the company’s ground handling activities conversion of vehicle park from ICE to electric, we are looking for possibilities to upgrade our logistics fleet with CO2 reduced (e.g. CNG, PHEV) or even CO2 neutral electric trucks. Furthermore, we provide eco-driving training for drivers and have optimised company’s transport routes. This was done in order to avoid unnecessary kilometres and, as a result, unwanted costs, lost time and, of course, to reduce the carbon footprint,” explained Monika Kliokiene.

But it’s not all about kilometres driven. To reduce paper waste, BGS has introduced specialised computers to their trucks that help reduce the number of documents for print by storing them in virtual space, nevertheless, since 2022 BGS logistics will use only electronic versions of documents. Additionally, quality control of logistics operations in the BGS group is performed using a well-developed network of video cameras, which allows the company to quickly control stations without the need to travel.

While many positive changes are made inside the company, sometimes it would not be possible without the involvement and the right attitude of partners. “We take pride in working with clients who see sustainability as an equally important part of the business. It is exciting to help companies reach their goals while not having a negative impact on the environment,” shared Monika Kliokiene, Head of Compliance at BGS Group.