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Aeroclass, a forward-thinking virtual learning EdTech start-up focused on the aviation industry, together with its sister companies BGS and Aviator, has joined together to create high-value training materials for aviation newcomers and professionals.

Reinforced by the problems experienced during a global pandemic, Avia Solutions Group, a leading global aerospace services group, has established a tech startup Aeroclass. The e-learning company is focused on the improvement and modernisation of aviation training.

Now, Avia Solutions Group’s subsidiaries – Aeroclass, BGS and Aviator – have joined their forces to create a training course on Travel Document Checks that will be available through Aeroclass online training platform – one of the first in the world virtual learning platform focused on the aviation industry.

For this project, Aeroclass provided e-learning industry know-how and training material creation experience by professionals from all over the world, while ground handling and support companies BGS and Aviator created high-quality content based on years of experience and industry knowledge.

Anca Gosling, Director of Training Content and Development at Aeroclass, commented on the mutual project: “Being part of Avia Solutions Group network is an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights and expertise first hand. We are delighted to be able to offer an outstanding training experience with the help of our own industry leaders. Moving forward, our strategy is to join forces with other Avia Solutions Group’s companies to create high-quality training courses for aviation professionals worldwide.”

Kjell Mathisen, Corporate Training Manager from Aviator shared: “The synergy between Avia Solutions Group companies has resulted in an undeniably successful project. Aviator is delighted to share our knowledge and experience with aviation newcomers and professionals who will be able to take this class wherever they are. It is truly an honour to contribute to such a unique and much-needed product like high-quality e-training for aviation.”

Vitalis Dudys, Head of Commerce at BGS, added: “Over the years we have gathered plenty of experience in the ground and passenger handling field, thus we were delighted to share some of it with Aeroclass students. This joint project between Avia Solutions Group subsidiaries is just a beginning and we trust that we will have many more opportunities to work together in the future.”

The Travel Document Checks course covers the essentials of document checks and passenger profiling. After finishing the course, trainees will better understand the role of ground handling companies in travel document checks, be able to perform passenger profiling and recognize basic travel document security features as well as different types of travel documents, and apply control and assessment techniques during check-in and boarding. The Travel Document Checks course is a great choice for passenger service agents and passenger service supervisors.

The Travel Document Checks course is just the first collaboration between the companies, with other high in-demand courses already in the works. Together with its partners, Aeroclass is set to create high-quality training materials for aviation newcomers and professionals looking to gain valuable insight and knowledge of the industry.